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Karina Vargas Hernández

Regional Coordinator for the South Cone, on behalf of Observatorio Ciudadano

Based in Chile. Karina is a lawyer and researcher with an interdisciplinary background in law, anthropology and public and social policies. She has extensive experience working in the defence and promotion of the rights of Indigenous Peoples, in the protection of collective territories and biocultural heritage, in conflict transformation processes and intercultural dialogue, as well as in the design and elaboration of intercultural and gender public policies.

She has worked on these issues with various Indigenous Peoples groups and Indigenous Peoples’ organisations in Latin America, at local, national and international levels in public sector, civil society and international cooperation organisations.

Karina recognises the value of daily and collective action from the territorial to the global levels, and the strength of Indigenous knowledge and self-determined forms of governance to protect and conserve territories of life.

She is the author of several publications and articles related to Indigenous Peoples’ rights, consultation and dialogue, and biodiversity and gender.

She is currently Coordinator of the Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Programme at Observatorio Ciudadano, a civil society organisation that is part of the ICCA Network.