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María Carolina Rodríguez Acero

Former Policy and Advocacy Coordinator for Latin America (2021-2023)

Based in Colombia. Carolina is an International Policy Assistant to the ICCA Consortium and supports the preparation of the CBD’s post-2020 global biodiversity framework and the organization of the IUCN World Congress of Nature. María Carolina has dedicated most of her time to environmental issues related to participatory processes for strengthening environmental governance, as a volunteer and collaborator, in the territories of life of Indigenous Peoples and local communities, as well as at the national level regarding protected areas, including Colombia’s national natural parks and community protected areas; also in the Ministry of the Environment in international negotiations related to the CBD, CITES and ITTO. María Carolina also works with Indigenous Peoples and local communities on conservation strategies based on traditional knowledge and wisdom, including establishing wildlife research, monitoring, and education processes led by ethnic hunters, as well as establishing creative proposals to produce critical environmental knowledge with Pacífica Entretejiendo Saberes. Carolina is part of the ICCA National Network in Colombia as a member of the El Valle Hunters Association, Chocó. She currently lives in El Valle, Bahía Solano on the coast of the Colombian Pacific.