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Md Kutub Uddin (Mohammad Arju)

Communications and Advocacy Coordinator

Based in South Asia. Md Kutub Uddin, also known as Mohammad Arju, is a civil society leader committed to creating more just and equitable societies. He collaborates with diverse organizations, Indigenous Peoples, and traditional communities worldwide to mobilize the public and policymakers to support territories of life.

A former journalist in Bangladesh, Arju is a passionate advocate for decolonization, and his work promoting justice and equity in local natural resource governance is well-known. Since 2013, he has founded several civic platforms in the country, incubating locally led initiatives for aquatic conservation and justice for traditional fishing communities in the Bay of Bengal region.

In 2020, Arju joined the ICCA Consortium’s Secretariat as the Communications Coordinator and later, in 2024, transitioned into the new cross-cutting role of Communications and Advocacy Coordinator.

He was a Community Solutions Program Fellow with UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant. He is also a former Board Member of the Society for Conservation Biology’s Marine Program and Social Science Working Group.