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Roger Atahualpa Palma Mairena

Internal Team Support Co-coordinator

Based in Managua, Nicaragua. Roger holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and international Relations, and a “Chief Happiness Officer” certification.

Over the past years, he has been working in the social impact industry, supporting social-driven entrepreneurs from all over the Latin American region. He has contributed in different roles that range from programme management, finance management, operations and systems, until, around three years ago, he found his passion for people operations/internal team support (human resources).

Roger’s most recent experience includes leading an internal organizational growth process (which involved more than 200% growth in personnel), organizing multi-cultural events in four different countries, designing and implementing internal team wellness and happiness programs, designing and writing key documentation including internal policies and an internal culture book, among other related projects. In 2023, Roger was selected by the US Department of State to represent Nicaragua in an International Visitor Leadership Program to learn and share about social entrepreneurship with other leaders from the region. Additionally, Roger was a teacher for undergraduate students in the class of social entrepreneurship.