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Soufiane M’sou

Regional representative for North Africa

Based in Morocco. Soufiane M’sou is a founding member of the Moroccan Biodiversity and Livelihood Association (MBLA), which is an official NGO, Member of the ICCA Consortium. In his capacity as ICCA Focal Point of MBLA, Soufiane coordinates MBLA’s ICCAs-territories of life program and actively participates in the national ICCA dialogue. He has played and continues to play a leading role in the process of setting up the national ICCA network (CAM: Consortium APAC Maroc). He has actively participated in all activities to support ICCAs and promote CAM in Morocco, in particular for the characterisation, identification and documentation of ICCAs and the registration of ICCAs in the national and global registries. 

Soufiane M’sou holds a PhD in Ecology and Phytochemistry from Cadi Ayyad University and he focuses on the study and monitoring of biodiversity, agroecology, ethnobiology and the study of cultural landscapes, local management and governance in the Moroccan High Atlas. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering and Biodiversity Management and a Master’s degree in Aromatic Medicinal Plants from the Faculty of Science at Cadi Ayyad University.