Nicaragua’s Failed Revolution: The Indigenous Struggle for Saneamiento

This new report, authored by our Honorary member Anuradha Mittal for the Oakland Institute, details the incessant violence facing the Indigenous communities in the Caribbean Coast Autonomous Regions of Nicaragua and provides in-depth information about the actors involved. It breaks the silence and calls attention to the Indigenous peoples’ ongoing struggle for their territories. Read more ▸

A Major Victory for Land Rights Defenders

In 2013, the World Bank launched its Enabling the Business of Agriculture Project, with the aim of guiding pro-business reforms in the agriculture sector by “scoring” countries on the “ease of doing business”. After five years of campaigning and advocacy on the part of land rights defenders, the World Bank has dropped a land indicator that aimed at privatizing the commons in the Global South. ICCA Consortium Honorary member Anuradha Mittal explains the process that led to this major victory, and the future perspectives of the campaign.  Read more ▸