The governance of the ICCA Consortium Association is articulated in three main organs, that are:

  • The General Assembly. It is the supreme authority of the ICCA Consortium and it is composed of its Members. The General Assembly decisions are taken by consensus, building upon the advice of all Members and Honorary members willing to contribute.
  • The Council. It is composed of a minimum of seven and a maximum of twenty-one individuals chosen from among the representatives of the Members and the Honorary members. These individuals, including the President, the Coordinator (Secretary) and the Treasurer, are elected by the General Assembly.
  • The Auditor of the Accounts is an individual designed by the General Assembly to control periodically the accounts. The Auditor has full access to all documents related to budgetary and financial operations, decisions and transactions at any time of her/his choice during the year.    

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First published on 05/20/2017, and last updated on 08/24/2020