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The formalization of the establishment of the Intercultural Council of Co-management within the Nahuel Huapi National Park, Argentina, led by Jorge Nahuel’s advocacy team of the Confederación Mapuche de Neuquén

First published on 09/11/2012, and last updated on 03/11/2018

This political decision of the Mapuche authorities and the Chair of National Parks broke with decades of imposition in the use of resources and management of these territories, violating Mapuche rights of long customary recognition. This act represents a clear paradigm shift that puts in the hands of our people the fate of important extensions of territory and resources. It also represents for the Mapuche people the opportunity to apply the rules and principles led by our Mapuche world vision and to share our knowledge and ancient practices as we believe they are the best guarantee for the conservation and development of this territory. It is also helping us to move towards our own governance of conserved areas, which is today affirmed as new conservation standard in international policy. In September of this year we will be able to assess the progress that the state has made in relation to the promotion / application of governance policies in Indigenous territories. This is important and exciting work for all of us! Mariciweu!

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