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ICCA Briefing Note no1

First published on 10/30/2014, and last updated on 06/27/2017

ICCAs and Aichi Targets: The Contribution of Indigenous Peoples’ and Local Community Conserved Territories and Areas to the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-20. Kothari, A. and Neumann, A. 2014. Policy Brief of the ICCA Consortium, No. 1, co-produced with CBD Alliance, Kalpavriksh and CENESTA and in collaboration with the IUCN Global Protected Areas Programme. Policy Brief prepared by the ICCA Consortium, CBD Alliance, Kalpavriksh and Cenesta

The Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-20, framed by Parties to the CBD at the 10th Conference of Parties in 2010, outlines an ambitious roadmap towards halting and reversing biodiversity loss across the planet. While clearly not a replacement for the Convention, which is a mix of policy, goals, strategies, actions, and guidance, the Strategic Plan is crucial for its implementation. The 20 ‘Aichi Targets’ it encompasses understandably go beyond ecological and biological aspects, essential as they are, to also focus on the social-cultural, economic, and political elements of achieving this roadmap.