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Organization of the ICCA Bolivia Consortium

First published on 05/10/2017, and last updated on 12/19/2017

On May 10, 2017 in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, with the attendance of institutional and honorary members of the ICCA Consortium, the founding charter of the ICCA Bolivia Consortium was signed in the form of an act with basic procedures.

The membership of the National Coordination Group was established which consists of Rosario Barradas Cuqui –  Coordinator, Simar Muiba Nuñez – Secretary, Mercedes Nostas Ardaya – Economic Affairs, and Alcides Vadillo Pinto – Legal issues. This National Coordination Group will have the function of articulating the prioritized action plan of the ICCA Bolivia Consortium. This group will also have the support of the Regional Coordination for the Amazonian countries of the Global Consortium, which is currently based in Bolivia.

It was agreed that the ICCA Bolivia Consortium will maintain its strategic alliance between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples in an intercultural relationship of knowledge exchange, seeking social and environmental justice, and supporting indigenous peoples in exercising their rights and the achievement of the demands outlined in their platform.

The following priorities for action were also defined in the short term, identifying the people responsible for their execution:

  1. Preparation and permanent updating of a map showing the violation of rights in Community Lands –(TCOs), an activity of urgent priority given the tremendous situation of violation of the rights of indigenous peoples in their territories.
  2. Support to the Bala-Chepete Commonwealth, to inform and socialize in the communities about the impact of the large-scale construction projects.
  3. Legal issues.
  4. Support and training for the monitoring of community lands (TCOs) with extractive activities, highly prioritizing vulnerable territories.
  5. Recovery and strengthening of indigenous remembrance through its systematization, publication and dissemination within the communities.
  6. Support for the organization of indigenous women.

These priorities for action were enthusiastically developed during the 2017 management period, and the ICCA Bolivia Consortium has continued to strengthen and gradually increase its membership.