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The Indigenous World 2019 – by IWGIA

First published on 04/26/2019

Rising tensions between states and indigenous peoples are reaching a tipping point, and with an ever-shrinking civic space worldwide, the topics of criminalisation of Indigenous Rights Defenders’ activities and their organisations; land rights issues; and access to justice are more important than ever.

The Indigenous World 2019 adds to the documented records, highlighting the increase in attacks and killings of indigenous peoples while defending their lands and other natural resources. The 62 country reports and 13 reports on international processes in this edition underscore this global trend, and includes a special focus on Indigenous Rights Defenders at risk.

The book is the result of a collaborative effort between indigenous and non-indigenous activists and scholars who voluntarily share their valuable insights and analysis. In this edition, 97 authors from Latin America, Africa, Asia, Arctic, Middle East and the Pacific line-up the main events impacting the lives of indigenous communities in 2018, making the book a go-to reference for everyone who wishes to be updated on the rights of indigenous peoples.

The Indigenous World is a one-of-a-kind documentation tool, that offers a comprehensive yearly overview of the developments indigenous peoples experience around the world. The book also serves as inspiration to raise global awareness of the rights of indigenous peoples, their struggles, their worldviews and their resilience.

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