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Support Our Member San Youth Network to Help San Communities Facing COVID-19 Crisis in Botswana

First published on 06/17/2020, and last updated on 06/20/2020

San Youth Network (SYNet), an ICCA Consortium Member for several years, is a youth organization that promotes a variety of development strategies that benefit the San people of Botswana.

How can you support our actions to face the COVID-19 crisis?

These are deeply challenging times, and we must now create a broader base of support to meet the crisis of COVID-19.

Our lack of mobility has been a serious obstacle as we try to reach the many San groups throughout Botswana. With this call, we are appealing to individuals, friends, colleagues, and other supporters, to help raise the funds for a vehicle that will make it possible to maintain contact with our widespread communities.

Take action and make a donation on GivingWay or JustGiving.

Recent distribution of masks by San Youth Network ©San Youth Network

For further information, please write to Job Morris at Please assist in any way possible, and keep us in mind for future collaboration.

What does the San Youth Network?

In our work, we promote inter-generational exchanges so that our young people can learn from the wisdom of our Elders. For centuries, the San people have been custodians of their environment and have maintained their homeland for a time beyond the reach of memory. Like many Indigenous communities, San peoples have been subjected to a plethora of issues that threaten their very existence. Too often, their lands have been forcefully taken from them, and they have been relocated to areas where they have no familiarity or spiritual connection. Only a year ago, scientists researching genetic markers of different peoples, found that the San are, genetically, the “cradle” of all humans:  the origin of mankind can be traced to Botswana.

We, the Founders of San Youth Network are San, ourselves, and we have experienced the hardships of stigmatization, discrimination, loss of land, and other injustices. We founded the SYNet organization to confront discrimination and marginalization in all their forms, especially as experienced by our young people. As they enter adulthood, our young people will experience both the familiar world of their culture and the larger, modern world in which they will have to find competence and confidence.

To learn more on San Youth Network and their work:

Recent San Youth Network meeting © San Youth Network