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Thanking Thomas Niederberger

We extend our appreciation and best wishes to Thomas Niederberger as he moves on from the ICCA Consortium’s Secretariat

First published on 08/26/2021

The ICCA Consortium would like to express our sincere thanks to Thomas Niederberger for serving in the ICCA Consortium’s Secretariat since January 2020 as Research and Publications Coordinator, a new role created as part of the leadership transition process around Grazia Borrini-Feyerabend’s retirement. Amongst other contributions and achievements, Thomas played a key role in the development of a revised and online version of the self-strengthening guidance for Indigenous peoples and local communities and the production of the ambitious new Territories of Life: 2021 Report, particularly by coordinating the case studies and co-developing the report website. Thomas also offered consistent support to the Council co-chairs and working group on documenting territories of life, with contributions to collective efforts such as a survey and article on the impacts of COVID-19 on Indigenous peoples and local communities.

Thomas will move on from the Secretariat as of 31 August 2021, but he will remain closely involved in related work, including as an Honorary member of the ICCA Consortium. We wish him all the best for the future, both in a personal and professional capacity.