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During August, Latin American territories of life commemorate Indigenous Peoples’ Month

To commemorate the International Day of the World's Indigenous People, ICCA Latin America is organizing a communications campaign from August 8 to 31

First published on 08/28/2023, and last updated on 09/05/2023

Shared by ICCA Latin America Communications Coordination

On August 9, the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, Indigenous Peoples and local communities associated with the ICCA Territories of Life Network-Latin America will carry out a celebration to recognize their resistance for survival, their efforts in sustaining biodiversity, culture, food sovereignty, celebration, peace, and the defense of life systems. This comes amidst the challenges faced by Indigenous Peoples in the region.

They will launch a communication campaign from August 8 to 31, 2023, titled: “We, the Indigenous Peoples, are weaving tapestries of life through our governance systems”. The objective is to stimulate a debate about the importance and understanding of Indigenous Peoples’ own governance systems (self-governments) and self-determination in their territories of life. Additionally, the campaign aims to highlight their achievements and challenges when exercising these systems.

During August, we will share productions made by Indigenous Peoples’ organizations, local communities and non-governmental organizations that are part of the network. This will provide the general public with the opportunity to access videos, infographics, texts, photographs, manuals, news, etc. These materials will be disseminated through the ICCA Latin America Network’s platforms: Facebook, Twitter-X, Instagram, and the ICCA Consortium’s YouTube channel, as well as through the different media outlets of the participating organizations.

This collaborative action aims to increase awareness of the daily activities carried out by the territories of life to protect and preserve life, accomplished through self-determination and the strengthening of their own governance systems (self-governments).

In the 2023 Manifesto for territories of life, the following commitment is made:

“Based on our shared sense of gratitude, affirmation, and pledge, and acting in peace and collaboration with our societies, we ally in solidarity towards the sustainable self-determination of all custodians of territories of life.”

For this reason, and in alignment with territories of life worldwide, we will share experiences within the territories of Latin America in solidarity.