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Promoting ICCAs in Southeast Asian Governments

ICCAs were the highlight of the Tenure and Access Rights capacity building session of the CSO Forum for the ASEAN Working Group on Social Forestry (AWG-SF) held in Da Nang, Vietnam last June 24-25.  The CSO Forum is an annual gathering organized by NTFP-EP to get inputs and recommendations from NGOs and indigenous and local communities from eight countries on the themes of tenure, safeguards, livelihoods and governance. These are then presented before ASEAN delegates in time for their AWG-SF Conference where regional directions on social forestry and related concerns are discussed. ICCA recognition has been a recurring key message of the CSO Forum beginning last year.

In the two-hour session, ICCA Consortium members PACOS Trust, Pan Nature and NTFP-EP talked about the progress of the recognition of ICCAs in their respective countries and showed videos of ICCAs. They facilitated a skills sharing session on ICCA mapping and discussed the issues and experiences they have working with ICCAs.

More details of the gathering can be read in: