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Newsflash #23 – Octubre 2019


New York hosted numerous side-events organized by civil society around the UN Climate Week in September. Pooven Moodley, ICCA Consortium Council member and representative of Natural Justice, Member of ICCA Consortium, tells about this inspiring moment. Leer más ▸

ICCA Consortium - Organisational News

El Presidente y el Consejo Ejecutivo del Consorcio TICCA tienen el agrado de anunciarles el nombramiento de Holly Jonas para el cargo de Coordinadora Global del Consorcio a partir de enero de 2020. El Comité Ejecutivo del Consejo se alegra de trabajar con Holly para llevar al Consorcio hacia nuevas cumbres. Leer más ▸
La decimoquinta Asamblea General del Consorcio TICCA se desarrollará en Udaipur, India, en diciembre 2019. Promete ser un momento histórico! Sigan conectad@s para estar al tanto de las últimas noticias. Leer más ▸

Local and National - ICCA Consortium News, Events and Initiatives

ICCA Consortium Members in Iran join forces to strengthen mobile indigenous peoples-- the custodians of territories of life -- in memory of Taghi… Leer más ▸
Peter Kallang, a member of Sarawak’s indigenous Kenyah community and Chairman of Save Rivers, ICCA Consortium Member, has been awarded the international Seacology Prize for leading a successful campaign to halt the building of a series of mega-dams on Borneo!  Leer más ▸
Indigenous-led conservation is making waves in Canada, with autonomous declaration of and federal support for Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs) and the launching of the Conservation through Reconciliation Partnership website at the recent Canadian Parks Conference.  Leer más ▸
Preparations have been made in Finland to establish a truth and reconciliation commission regarding the indigenous Sámi people. As the plans go forward, Aslak Holmberg, Vice President of the Saami Council, stipulates that unless this process is prepared to change the political marginalisation of the Sámi, there is little reason for opening old wounds for what could otherwise be an empty apology. Leer más ▸

Regional and International - ICCA Consortium News, Events and Initiatives

En octubre del 2019, Lima acogió la Asamblea Regional de la Red TICCA Latinoamericana, y el III Congreso de Áreas Protegidas de Latinoamérica y…  Leer más "Territorios de Vida, Actores Clave en la Gobernanza de Áreas Protegidas y en la Conservación"
In June 2019, Tahltan elders and leaders, members of Snowchange, representatives from The Gaia Foundation, Land is Life, ICCA Consortium and the IUCN came together in the heart of Tahltan Territory to learn from the elders, discuss current challenges, and explore the possibility of establishing ICCAs. Discover the story of this extraordinary meeting through the multimedia presentation created by The Gaia Foundation. Leer más ▸
Two community-based organizations supported by ICCA Consortium Member Kuaʻāina Ulu ʻAuamo (KUA) were recognized for their work at the Equator Prize awards ceremony: Hui Mālama o Moʻomomi – Molokaʻi and Hui Makaʻāinana o Makana were honored, in a key political moment for Hawai'i's territories of life. Leer más ▸
Council member Marco Bassi shares insider information about the International Land Coalition, after representing the ICCA Consortium at the recent Global CSOs Caucus meeting in Rome. Leer más ▸


A new collection of interactive case studies from the Yes to Life, No to Mining Network, of which the ICCA Consortium is part, shares the stories of communities resisting mining, restoring damaged ecosystems, and protecting and developing alternatives to extractivism. Leer más ▸
In this new paper on agroecological transformations for just and sustainable food systems, Michel Pimbert (ICCA Consortium Honorary member) and his colleagues analyze the enabling and disabling conditions that shape agroecology transformations, and the ability of communities to self-organize within territories. Leer más ▸

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