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Felipe Gomez

Regional representative for Mesoamerica and the Caribbean

Based in Guatemala. Felipe Gómez, Maya Kiche from Guatemala, trained in theology, is a Maya spiritual leader, co-founder of the National Council of Ajq’iijab’ (Spiritual Leaders) and Ancestral Maya Authorities 1991-2023. He knows and promotes the Maya calendar, Maya legal system, ancestral medicine system and the art of Maya music. 

Founder and current Director of Centro de Estudios de la Cultura y Ciencia Maya Ojlajuj B’aqtun, a Member of the ICCA Consortium. He is a founder and promoter of Maya Vision, a Maya communication media in the Territories of Life still being developed. He is also the Focal Point of the ICCA Consortium in Guatemala, a defender of Human Rights, the Collective Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Territories of Life.