Statement: We Repudiate and Condemn the Murder of Elder Aj ilonel Domingo Choc Ché

Ajq’ij Domingo Choc Che was a husband and father, a community member who worked to help others, and an expert in the knowledge of herbs and medicinal plants and their ancestral uses. In the strongest terms possible, the ICCA Consortium joins Mayan and Guatemalan organisations in condemning Tat Domingo’s assassination and demanding swift action for justice, healing and peace.  Read more ▸

The New Illness and its Impact on Our Lives: Indigenous Peoples Facing the COVID-19 Crisis in Guatemala

In the current context of State inaction and corruption, the challenges introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic have hit Indigenous communities in Guatemala especially hard. ICCA Consortium Council Member Felipe Gómez describes this multi-faceted crisis, along with the hopes and strategies of Indigenous communities: solidarity, spirituality, and community organization.  Read more ▸

The Second Regional Assembly of the ICCA Consortium in Latin America

The second Regional Assembly of the ICCA Consortium in Latin America was held in October 2019, in Peru, before the III Congress of Protected Areas of Latin America and the Caribbean (CAPLAC). It was an occasion for the membership of the region to share experiences, deepen their strategies, and ensure the wide visibility of territories of life at the CAPLAC. Read more ▸

Guatemala: asesinan a siete defensores de la tierra en un mes

Entre el 9 de mayo y el 9 de junio, siete destacados líderes comunitarios del CODECA y el CCDA fueron asesinados en Guatemala. Diversas organizaciones internacionales y de DD.HH. han manifestado su preocupación por la ola de asesinatos y han solicitado a las autoridades medidas inmediatas para esclarecer los hechos y proteger a los defensores. Read more ▸