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José Martial Betoulet

Regional representative for Central Africa

Based in Central African Republic. José Martial Betoulet is from the Sangha-Sangha community, a fishing community in the southwest of the Central African Republic. He is the coordinator of Ndima-Kali – BaAka and Sangha-Sangha Indigenous youth association, a Member of the ICCA Consortium and focal point in Central Africa. He is an expert in BaAka and Sangha-Sangha environment and culture. José Martial works extensively with the Sangha-Sangha and BaAka communities who are fighting for the legal recognition of ICCAs in the country. As a result of this work, 2 ICCAs were identified. He has also been working for the Dzanga Ndoki National Park as the head of the Socio-Economic Unit for the promotion of the rights and culture of Indigenous Peoples and local communities for over 15 years.