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Raúl Ho

Former collaborator as translator from English to Spanish

Based in Peru. M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences and Agricultural Engineer graduated from the National Agrarian University La Molina (Peru). He has completed diplomas and specialization courses in management of rural development, natural resources, and institutional strengthening in various training centres, mainly, the University of Manchester (UK), the International Centre for Tropical Agriculture – CIAT (Cali, Colombia), International Cooperation (Israel), Institute of Lands and Cartography – ITC (Curitiba, Brazil), FAO (Indonesia), and the Diplomatic Academy (Peru).

He began his professional career in the Ministry of Agriculture of the Government of Peru (1973) as an engineer specialized in the design of irrigation systems, soil conservation and watershed management. Then, already in the field of NGOs (CARE, Oxfam, Practical Action, Pronaturaleza), he has served as coordinator or consultant of programs related to climate change, rural extension and technical assistance, environmental governance, sustainable livelihoods, and disaster risk management (the latter with the government of Peru). Currently retired, he eventually collaborates with some institutions.