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Threats of the Neighbour Woodland (MVMC) of Santiago de Covelo, Galicia


First published on 08/05/2012, and last updated on 05/17/2017

The “Monte Veciñal en Man Común (MVMC) of Santiago de Covelo” (ICCA) is a 700 hectare common neighbour woodland situated in the municipality of Covelo, Pontevedra province, region of Galicia, NW Spain. This MVMC is a low mountain wet Atlantic forest, with shrubs, pastures and bogs that harbours several ‘EU priority habitats and species‘.
This area has been commonly owned and managed for generations by Covelo community members in turn providing them with pastures, timber, hunting etc,. The chief threats to the survival and integrity of this MVMC are rural depopulation and ageing, as well as lack of support from local administration and authorities. The local community, who protect and manage MVMC receive very little recognition and face difficulties when trying to enforce their rights, particularly relating to the natural and cultural heritage of the area.

read here the Grassroots discussion report: ‘Facilitating grassroots analyses and the participatory development of a photo story on threats to “Santiago de Covelo neighbour woodland” ICCA and its community responses’, August 2012

Watch here the Video Story: