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Guangxi CCA capacity-building event

First published on 04/29/2015, and last updated on 03/29/2018

By: Panqing, Guangxi Biodiversity Research and Conservation Association

In mid-April 2015, the Guangxi CCA Consortium was established with 55 members from 18 Community Conserved Areas from China. All the members participated in a two day capacity-building workshop with lecturers from Taiwan, province of China and two CCA representatives from Sichuan Province (China) sharing their experience in CCA management and the sustainable use of natural resources. During the workshop, members of Guangxi ICCA also discussed possible exchange visits in the near future as an irregular communication mechanism within the Consortium.

After the workshop, participants visited one of the CCAs supported by the Guangxi Biodiversity Research and Conservation Association: Qunan village, which has about 50 White Head Languor in its community collective forest. In order to protect this endangered species and its habitat, the community has created a patrolling team with fifteen young members and has elected a management committee to be responsible for daily monitoring and coordination.

In October 2015, a team of 13 people, including representatives from the CCA Consortium, will be making a study visit to Taiwan, Province of China together with staff from Forest Bureaus from Guangxi provincial, Nanning prefectural, and Fusui county levels.

In January 2016, a national CCA workshop will be organized in Guangxi including community representatives and NGOs from other provinces who will be invited to share their experiences in CCA management and how it can contribute to local sustainable development and policy improvement.