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Two workshops in Tanzania: one on enhancing governance of the national system of protected and conserved areas, and one on understanding and strengthening ICCAs

First published on 03/26/2017, and last updated on 03/26/2018

Two workshops were held back-to back in late March 2017 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, gathering civil society, organized communities, government representatives and representatives of the IUCN, UNDP and the ICCA Consortium.  The first was part of a series of IUCN-assisted processes of assessment and action to enhance governance for conservation and sustainable livelihoods.  And the second was a typical national ICCA workshop as the Consortium has organized in various countries with the support of UNDP GEF SGP.  The ICCA Consortium provided technical assistance in organizing and running both events.  Please download the reports of the events here and here.

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