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Festival of Northern Fishing Traditions Brings Global Small-Scale and Indigenous Fishermen to North

First published on 09/27/2018, and last updated on 01/23/2019

Extracted from the Gaia Foundation website

Endangered fish species, ‘mackerel wars’ and warming oceans. These phenomena often make global headlines, and rightly so. Our oceans, rivers, lakes and the diversity of life they support face unparalleled challenges.

It is less common, however, to hear the stories of the fisher-people around the planet who have lived in balance with their fish relatives for generations, feeding their communities and the world without damaging ecosystems.

From 5-9 th of September over 150 small-scale and indigenous fishermen and women- custodians of water systems from Greenland to Taiwan, province of China- came together in Tornio Finland to exchange knowledge and techniques, songs and stories, at the Festival of Northern Fishing Traditions, co-organised by Gaia partners the Snowchange Cooperative.

Please follow this link to the Gaia Foundation website to know and see more on the event!