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National Geographic Request for Proposals : “Amazon Conservation Capacity”

First published on 07/27/2019, and last updated on 07/31/2019

Text directly extracted from the National Geographic webpage
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The Amazon is home to tremendous biodiversity as well as indigenous communities that depend on the wide variety of ecosystem services it provides. Deforestation is currently at 17 percent, making the Amazon’s protection and management critical both to the people who call it home and for the rest of the planet. Long-term conservation of the Amazon requires active participation and leadership from the communities that live within and near it.

With the understanding that traditional forest management practices among Indigenous Amazonian communities produce sustainable benefits for people and ecosystems, the Amazon Conservation Capacity RFP will support Indigenous and other local communities in enhancing their cultural and environmental practices to strengthen global forest protection. As forest-based communities in the Amazon make choices about their futures, it is critical to identify, support, and amplify local and Indigenous leaders who are forging paths that will benefit the forest, their communities and the entire planet.

The Amazon Conservation Capacity RFP will support projects that build the capacity and effectiveness of community-based organizations and indigenous peoples groups that are engaged in efforts to enhance forest conservation and sustainable forest management. All projects must be supportive of local community goals; respectful and inclusive of traditional knowledge; compatible with local cultural perspectives, values, and organizational structures; and either led by local leaders, or focused on enabling and empowering local leaders. Projects that support two-way learning and co-creation of solutions are particularly encouraged.

Applicants may request up to $150,000.  Successful applicants may use awarded funds over the course of up to two years.

October 9, 2019 is the deadline to submit a proposal for this funding opportunity.

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