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Newsflash #26 – February 2020

ICCA Consortium Life

Join the team of volunteers to support the global movements for territories of life. Read more ▸

Local and National - ICCA Consortium News, Events and Initiatives

The Indigenous Tsumba people of the sacred Tsum Valley (Nepal) will reaffirm their collective commitment to the conservation of nature and culture during a cultural Shyagya festival, celebrating the centennial of their commitment to non-violence. Sudeep Jana Thing, ICCA Consortium Council Member, tells us more about this coming event. Read more ▸
The Working Group on ICCAs Indonesia, an ICCA Consortium Member, is stepping up advocacy efforts with the government for the appropriate recognition of ICCAs. As part of this effort, the Working Group is strengthening the documentation and registration of an estimated 3 million hectares of ICCAs in the archipelago. Read more ▸
As the community forest of Monte Veciñal en Man Común de Tameiga (Spain) is threatened by the construction of a mega-mall owned by a football team, the local community is defending its commons, with the support of Iniciativa Comunales (ICCA Consortium Member). Read more ▸
After a community consultation process, the Government Council of the Shuar Arutam People (ICCA Consortium Member in Ecuador) formalized the resolution to register their territory in the International WCMC ICCA Registry. "We made this decision with the strength of the Arutam, our supernatural protector principle," said Josefina Tunki. Read more ▸
Non-Timber Forest Products - Exchange Programme (ICCA Consortium Member) organized the first Philippine ICCA Youth Camp. Bringing together 22 youth leaders representing 12 different indigenous peoples’ organizations and indigenous cultural communities, it spurred plans for more youth participation in the promotion of ICCAs in the country.  Read more ▸

Regional and International - ICCA Consortium News, Events and Initiatives

During the conference held in the Philippines, delegates released the Bata’an Statement, committing themselves to continued collaboration on tackling business related human rights abuses in the region, as well as calling on businesses and states to address these abuses. Helen Tugendhat and Hannah Storey from Forest Peoples Programme (ICCA Consortium Member) share the outcomes of the event.  Read more ▸
After sharing their experiences in an international workshop on environmental defenders, ICCA Consortium Member Coalition Against Land Grabbing reflects on risk-reduction strategies and the importance of maintaining a united front in the face of threats to territories of life and their defenders. Read more ▸
Representatives from indigenous peoples, afro-descendant, and peasant communities from 16 countries issued the Geneva Declaration, an urgent call for action that demands governments and companies end the violence, killing, and deliberate criminalisation of people defending their rights, their lands and their communities. Forest Peoples Programme (ICCA Consortium Member) participated in this process.  Read more ▸
The meetings of the Global Environment Facility Council and CSO Network included approval of the 'Inclusive Conservation Initiative' concept and guidelines on environmental and social safeguards, a consultation on illegal wildlife trade and more. Read more ▸
Giovanni Reyes speaks with the GEF Secretariat about inspiring work on ICCAs--territories of life in the Philippines and the many contributions of indigenous peoples and communities to nature conservation around the world. Read more ▸


With growing global concern over our climate and ecological crises, those who defend Mother Earth should be gaining better protection – but instead, they are being targeted. According to Front Line Defenders’ annual global analysis, the fight for land, environmental and indigenous peoples’ rights was the most dangerous sector for defenders, comprising 40% of the human rights defenders killed in 2019.  Read more ▸
A series of webinars is being organized as part of building shared capacity and understanding of ICCAs–territories of life in South East Asia. In the first webinar, representatives of the Working Group on ICCAs in Indonesia talked about the recently concluded mapping and documentation process of ICCAs in Indonesia.  Read more ▸
Between 2009 and 2015, Namati (ICCA Consortium Member) and its partners supported more than 100 communities to document and protect their customary land rights. In late 2017, Namati evaluated the impacts of its work on the communities’ responses to outsiders seeking community lands and resources. Realized by Rachael Knight, Honorary member of the ICCA Consortium, this report describes the outcomes of this evaluation and aims to shed light on how to strengthen global efforts to protect community land rights.  Read more ▸

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