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Enhancing the Sharing of Knowledge and Experiences on ICCAs in South East Asia through Webinars

First published on 11/06/2019, and last updated on 01/28/2020

By Amy Maling, ICCA Consortium Regional Coordinator for Southeast Asia, on behalf of Non-Timber Forest Products – Exchange Programme (NTFP-EP), Member of the ICCA Consortium.

A series of webinars on the different experiences of working with ICCAs in various countries of South East Asia is being organized as part of building shared capacity and understanding of ICCAs- territories of life.

In the first webinar, held on November 4, 2019, Cindy Julianty and Kasmita Widodo of the Working Group on ICCAs in Indonesia talked about their experiences and “lessons learned” during the recently concluded mapping and documentation of ICCAs in Indonesia. Several members and partners of the South East Asia ICCA Regional Learning Network from the Philippines, Myanmar, and Indonesia joined the discussion.

Diane San Jose, a Program Officer of the NTFP-EP – Asia, found the webinar to be both interesting and useful. She reflected: “The Webinar series on ICCA experiences of the different countries expands the imagination and helps us think of what can be improved in terms of our documentation practices on ICCAs. WGII’s sharing on the documentation and registration process in Indonesia provides much insight on how we can innovate and adapt these ideas and systems to local situations. Learning from each other gives this feeling of solidarity, which helps in encouraging each other to continue our work towards upholding territories of life.  I definitely look forward to more knowledge exchange and interactions in the future! ”.

You can access the video of the webinar here, and see Cindy Julianty and Kasmita Dodo’s presentation here.

The next webinar will be in January 2020. This time Harry Jonas will share the newly published guidelines on Other Effective Conservation Measures (OECM) by IUCN, and opportunities to further enhance and strengthen the recognition of ICCAs using OECM standards. We look forward to having all of you in the following webinars. Check our Facebook page for further announcements on the date and the link to the conference site.