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Interview: Vivienne Solis Rivera presents the “Blue Call to Action” initiative

First published on 02/06/2020, and last updated on 06/06/2023

In June, Portugal will host the 2020 United Nations Ocean Conference. In preparation for this meeting, the Oceano Azul Foundation partnered together with Ocean Unite and Oak Foundation to bring together a small but influential group of organizations and foundations to agree on common priorities, objectives, and targets for marine conservation. Recently, these organizations jointly launched the so-called “RISE UP Blue Call to Action” which was signed by multiple organizations including the ICCA Consortium.

This call to action brings together a wide array of allies: some of the largest, most experienced, and socially involved philanthropic organizations; advocacy groups working on marine conservation; and indigenous peoples and fishing communities who collaborate globally and lead the movement toward the restoration and regeneration of ocean health. The participating organizations are inviting governments and the private sector to join the call to protect the oceans, their ecosystems, and the marine territories of life and small-scale fisheries that are the basis of the economic systems of numerous fishing communities.

Vivienne Solis Rivera, representative of the CoopeSoliDar R.L. in Costa Rica, former ICCA Consortium council member and long time Honorary member, was interviewed on February 6 by the Spanish radio station RTVE about this initiative. Her interview is available here (in Spanish):

Ms. Solis highlighted the importance of the defense and protection of marine ecosystems and the imperative of policies that respect the human rights of the inhabitants of the marine territories of life. She explained that this initiative seeks a commitment from governments to conserve the health and integrity of these territories, and to recognize the territories of life of indigenous peoples and local communities, along with the the conservation work they carry out daily. It is hoped that the concerned governments will recognize the contributions of small-scale fisheries to the fight against poverty and to the conservation of marine ecosystems.

To learn more about the initiative, or to add the voice of your organization to the call to action, please visit their website here:

The full text of the call is available here.