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Thanking Carolina Amaya for her Outstanding Work

First published on 03/27/2020, and last updated on 07/22/2020

We would like to thank heartfully Carolina Amaya for her remarkable work as Spanish half volunteer editor and translator of the ICCA Consortium as she is now leaving this position to focus on supporting ICCAs-territories of life in Colombia.. Carolina has been mastering this work for more than 8 years with a steady and dedicated hand. It has been a honor for the ICCA Consortium to receive the support of such a knowledgeable professional. Carolina is never sparing with her experience, her unique sensitivity to territories of life and her excellent ethic.

Over the years she has been translating, reviewing, editing all the working documents of the Consortium: plenty of versions of the Operational Guidelines and Statutes, pages of the website, lists of membership applicants, many Council meeting minutes, and all the major publications of the Consortium. To name a few, she translated the IUCN Best Practice Protected Area Guidelines No.20: Governance of Protected Areas: From understanding to action; the Bio-cultural diversity conserved by Indigenous peoples and local communities: examples and analysis (companion document to IUCN/CEESP Briefing note No. 10, 2010); the 5th Policy Brief of the ICCA Consortium Whose ‘Inclusive Conservation’?, and ultimately, our 7th Policy Brief: Meanings and more.

Althgouh Carolina will be stepping down as the Consortium’s Spanish editor and translator, we will remain in contact as she is the representative of El Centro de Estudios Médicos Interculturales (CEMI), the a Member of the ICCA Consortium, the national focal point in Colombia and a catalytic organisation for the GSI for several years. We are pleased to continue this journey together with her and her fantastic colleagues.