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WATCH: Celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day and Youth Day 2021 

TAYAW - A solidarity celebration of territories of life

Screen grab from the virtual event.

First published on 08/25/2021, and last updated on 08/31/2021

By Diana San Jose, Program Officer, NTFP-EP Asia (NTFP-EP is a Member of the ICCA Consortium and hosts the regional coordination team for Southeast Asia); and
Josefa Cariño Tauli (Honorary member, ICCA Consortium), Co-chair of Youth for Territories of Life

In celebration of both the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples (August 9) and International Youth Day (August 12), the ICCA Consortium’s Youth Group and the Global Youth Biodiversity Network organized a virtual cultural gathering titled TAYAW: A solidarity celebration of territories of life” on August 13, 2021. 

Watch the Recap video for “TAYAW”

Emulating community gatherings for songs, dance, and stories, the event brought together members of our communities for a lighter pause to celebrate international solidarity and cultural diversity. Inspired by the Ibaloi community dance tayaw performed during feasts to express joy and celebration, the event featured contributions of cultural and artistic expressions from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Arctic.

We express our gratitude to the wonderful contributions from MIHARI Network (Madagascar), Ndima-Kali (Central African Republic), FIDEPE (Cameroon), ANAPAC-RDC (Democratic Republic of Congo), Gabriela Cariño & Josefa Tauli (Philippines), PACOS Trust (Malaysia), UAPASHKUSS (Canada), Elhadji Amadou (Senegal), and Amazonía 2.0 (Peru) as well as an introduction to the Ibaloi dance ‘tayaw’ and chant ‘ba’diw’ by Jill Cariño. The event was moderated by Diana San Jose, with remarks from Josefa Tauli, and was made available in English, Spanish, and French with thanks to our interpreters.