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ICCA Consortium publishes a summary report on 2020 Membership Review

A glimpse at ICCA Consortium Members’ perspectives on their work and engagement with the association and their visions for the coming years

First published on 12/07/2021

By Alison Powell, Administration Coordinator, ICCA Consortium

In 2020, the ICCA Consortium held our first-ever full Membership Review. Out of the 152 Member organizations in the association at that time, 122 (80%) completed the review. The review – which will now take place every three years – provided an opportunity for Members to reflect on the identity of the ICCA Consortium as an association and their perceptions, preferences, and engagement within our movement-based organization. We learned how Members contribute and what they gain from being a part of the ICCA Consortium. 

The results confirmed that more than half of our Member organizations identify as Indigenous Peoples’ and/or local community organizations. The majority of their work is happening in the global South. We also learned that many of our Members have unique skills and capacities – such as documentation, education, and alliance-building – that they are keen to share with and learn from each other as we continue peer learning and exchanges.

It was also an opportunity for Members to guide the evolution and future of the Consortium as a movement-based organization, including our strategy, regionalization process, and communications.

As the membership has grown, so too has its diversity while retaining a strong sense of solidarity and shared values. We invite you to read the report for yourself to see both the high-level insights of consolidated data as well as the nuances of Members’ experiences and perspectives.