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Help earthquake affected pastoralist communities in the High Atlas region of Morocco

The semi-nomadic pastoralist communities had built and maintained their territories of life—Agdals, over many generations; now they are left in ruins

First published on 09/14/2023, and last updated on 09/15/2023

By Moroccan Biodiversity and Livelihoods Association (ICCA Consortium Member)

The recent powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.8 in Morocco has hit the High Atlas region the hardest. The area is home to Indigenous semi-nomadic pastoralists and their territories of life—Agdals

These communities had built their small oases in the mountains over many generations; now they are left in ruins. 

The earthquake wiped entire villages off the map. The agricultural terraces, the livestock, the houses, everything has turned into ruins. Survivors need essential humanitarian aid and resources to rebuild their communities.

As the long-term trusted partner of these communities to empower their livelihoods and support Indigenous conservation efforts, the Moroccan Biodiversity and Livelihoods Association (MBLA) has initiated coordinating relief support in the region.

We are rallying our resources, supporters, platforms, and communities to provide critical assistance.

To donate, please see MBLA’s bank account details below:

Bank Account Details

Account Name: MBLA
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You can also donate using this online fundraising campaign organized by Global Diversity Foundation (ICCA Consortium Member):

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Image source: The Wall Street Journal