The Fight for the Forest: Indigenous Peoples in Burma speak out on threats following the February military coup

Following the military coup in February 2021, Indigenous communities in Burma have faced nearly insurmountable threats to their lives, lands and forests. An escalation in armed conflict has displaced hundreds of thousands and put new pressures on the forests, as generals attempt to consolidate their control. In a 30 October event organised in the lead up to COP26, brave Indigenous leaders from across Burma speak out about the challenges they face and the ways in which the international community can support the struggles of Indigenous Peoples to protect the forests. Read more ▸

Second South East Asia Regional Assembly from 1-4 June

The gathering provides an online venue for sharing and learning from each other about the territories of life in the region. This year’s gathering has the further aim of continuing the ICCA Consortium’s regionalisation process in Southeast Asia. Check the programme!  Read more ▸

Regional Forum on Forests and People, in Myanmar

Over 227 people including indigenous communities from across the region, civil society groups, international organisations and government representatives came together at the Regional Forum on Forests and Peoples. They debated problems with forest governance and demanded recognition of their ICCAs – Territories of Life. Read more ▸

Community, Culture and Conservation, in Myanmar

WWF Myanmar takes us through a visual journey among the ICCAs in the country. Kayin people, some Chin, Kachin, Naga and other Dawei people travelled from all over the region and country for an important workshop that marked the beginning of a new era in community-based conservation for Myanmar.  Read more ▸