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International ICCA Workshop, Shirakawa-Go Eco Institute, Japan, 28-30 October, 2010

International ICCA Workshop, Shirakawa (Japan), in the occasion of CBD COP 10

In conjunction with the CBD COP-10, a multi-lingual three day workshop on ICCAs was held at the Shirakawa-Go Eco Institute (Japan).

The workshop consisted of fifty-five participants, who ranged from: indigenous peoples and local communities, to NGOs and agencies working with them; members or affiliates of the ICCA Consortium; governments; cooperation agencies and international organisations.

Despite their varied backgrounds, each attended the workshop in order to address their concern for the appropriate recognition and support to ICCAs.

The purpose of the workshop was to provide a focused opportunity for assessing the current state of ICCAs as well as relevant initiatives and resources that could build collective capacity for securing ICCAs’ future.

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It was anticipated that this gathering could generate a long-term process and actions necessary to support ICCAs and build capacities to respond to specific needs, especially with regards to decisions made at COP10. Resulting from this, the workshop brought-up a range of key discussion topics, namely the challenges and opportunities that need to be met for ICCAs. The workshop also laid out the framework for a collective ICCA vision.