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ICCA Consortium members at the UN Oceans Conference (New York, 2017)

Several members and honourary members from the ICCA Consortium participated in this conference whose goal was to be the “game changer that will reverse the decline in the health of our ocean for people, planet and prosperity. It will be solutions-focused with engagement from all”. Kim Sander Wright, the Strategy Advisor on Coastal, Marine and Island Environments for the ICCA Consortium; Vivienne Solis Rivera the ICCA Consortium’s Steering Committee Member with special responsibility about ICCAs and gender issues; Marvin Fonseca, the ICCA Consortium’s collaborator for Mesoamerica; and, an ICCA Consortium Honorary Member, Hugh Govan, who is a governance specialist and strategist for the LMMA Network were all in attendance and voicing their concerns at every available opportunity, in official events, side events and on the sidelines.

In addition to our in-person participation, the ICCA Consortium registered a voluntary commitment to the UN SDG.On June 7th , Kim Sander Wright had the opportunity to present this voluntary commitment to the UN as an intervention in Partnership Dialogue 5 – Increasing economic benefits to SIDS and LDCs and providing access for small-scale artisanal fishers to marine resources and markets. The video of this intervention can be found HERE.

Vivienne Solis Rivera spoke at several side events, and had the opportunity to read a statement in the General Assembly Plenary meeting on June 7th on behalf of Women’s Major Group. This video can be found HERE.

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