Alert Policy

Through an ICCA Alert, the Consortium calls attention to and supports the struggle of indigenous peoples and local communities who are actively defending their threatened commons and ICCAs. ​The ICCA alerts issued to date are described below, sometimes with a note about their results.

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How does it work?

The idea and need for establishing an ICCA alert system emerged with force in October 2010 at a gathering of the ICCA Consortium in Shirakawa, Japan, following the CBD COP-10. Prior experiences with TILCEPA alerts in the early 2000s added weight to this initiative. Since 2011, ICCA alerts have been launched by the Consortium in many countries, in support of urgent struggles of indigenous peoples and local communities against various forms of land grabbing and other threats to land, natural resources, and traditional livelihoods.

Depending on the context of each threat, different responses can be engaged to help communities bring their voices and grievances to the national and international levels, and to exert pressure on decision-makers and companies.
The Consortium Secretariat collaborates closely with the Alert proponents/initiator(s) to develop and facilitate such responses following the ICCA Alert Policy available here.

El sistema de alertas para los TICCA se puede descargar en español aqui.

Alert: Oil Company GeoPark Puts Indigenous Wampis at Risk of COVID-19 Contagion and Threatens Territorial Integrity

The Gobierno Territorial Autonomo de la Nación Wampis (GTANW) has taken legal action against the oil company GeoPark Peru SAC for threatening the Wampis Nation and their territory of life in the northern Peruvian Amazon. The ICCA Consortium fully supports the GTANW’s demands to the Peruvian government and GeoPark to halt all activities related to oil exploitation and leave Wampis territory immediately and permanently. Read more ▸

The ICCA Consortium Urges Authorities to Immediately Release and Drop Charges Against Indigenous and Peasant Leaders in Assam, India

Indigenous peoples’ rights and peasants’ rights activists Pranab Doley and Soneshwar Narah were arrested on 7 April 2020 in Assam, India. The arrests appear to be politically motivated with the intention of intimidating and silencing these community leaders, who have dedicated their lives to social justice and supporting Indigenous peoples, forest dwellers and peasant communities. Read more ▸

Burma/Myanmar – Stop the Ridge to Reef project

ICCA Alert – the UNDP GEF incepted the Ridge to Reef Project, a $21 million conservation project that poses to transform 1.4 million hectares of community lands in Tanintharyi Region into Protected Areas, without the proper FPIC of the communities. Read more ▸