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Aboubacar Alpha Barry

Collaborator as interpreter English <> French

Based in Mali. Aboubacar Alpha Barry graduated as a translator and interpreter. Initially a childhood dream, this vocation became a reality during his studies in 2010, while he was attending the World Forum on Food Sovereignty in Mali and joined his first group of language volunteers at the Via Campesina. He then kept on offering his services as a translator and interpreter and, through patience and perseverance, built a network of partners including media organisations (BBC World Service, The Guardian, etc.) and farmers’ organisations working to support African territories ( AFSA, ROPPA, the Foundation of the Niger festival, etc.) as well as the UN and European missions in Mali. Aboubacar has visited many countries during his missions: Senegal, Ethiopia, the Ivory Coast, Gambia, Togo, Nigeria, Niger, Ghana, the Seychelles, Cape Verde, Kenya, Uganda, Mauritania, Guinea Conakry and Germany. Thanks to an honest and lasting collaboration, the organisations he supports have become like second families to him. He is also married with 2 children. He continues to dream and, to contribute to a world without language barriers, he is learning Spanish and Portuguese to add to his language combinations.