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Crossing boundaries: Legal and policy arrangements for cross-border pastoralism

First published on 01/21/2019, and last updated on 01/30/2019

Jonathan Davies, Claire Ogali, Lydia Slobodian, Guyo Roba, Razingrim Ouedraogo; Crossing boundaries: Legal and policy arrangements for cross-border pastoralism; Pastoralist Knowledge Hub of the Food and Agriculture Organization of, the United Nations (FAO) and the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Rome, 2018; ISBN 978-92-5-131112-7

In many countries, pastoralism has historically been practiced in areas that are now partitioned by international boundaries. This is a major barrier to sustainable resource management and to pastoral development. However, there are examples from around the world of efforts to facilitate transboundary movements and transboundary ecosystem management by pastoralists. This report examines how pastoral mobility has been impacted by the creation of unnatural boundaries within their landscapes and how societies cope with these constraints through legal or informal arrangements.