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Global Report on the Situation of Lands, Territories and Resources of Indigenous Peoples

First published on 04/25/2019, and last updated on 07/27/2019

Global Report on the Situation of Lands, Territories and Resources of Indigenous Peoples, compiled by joji Carino, edited by Loreto Tamayo, Indigenous Peoples Major Group for Sustainable Development, 80 pages, April 2019.

The report on the current state of Indigenous Peoples’ Lands, Territories and Resources (LTR) was prepared by the Indigenous Peoples Major Group (IPMG) to inform the implementation of global commitments to Sustainable Development and the various related processes for transformational change. It is a summary of regional reports written by indigenous researchers and experts under the guidance of the IPMG Global Coordinating Committee to stress the importance of securing the collective land rights of indigenous peoples, an imperative to achieve sustainable development for all.

Indigenous peoples’ intrinsic and reciprocal relationships with their land, territories and resources constitute the foundation of their identities and cultures, spirituality and values, health and collective well-being. Springing from these relationships with their homelands are their diverse contributions towards enriching nature, engendering diversity and maintaining balance with the natural world. Securing, renewing and nurturing these relationships with their lands, territories and resources amid unsustainable production and consumption, extractive industries and carbon-based development, marked by highly unequal power relations and social inequality, is the challenge indigenous peoples face around the world.