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Earth Vikalp Sangam: Proposal for a Global Tapestry of Alternatives

First published on 11/25/2019, and last updated on 01/16/2020

Earth Vikalp Sangam: proposal for a Global Tapestry of Alternatives, by Ashish Kothari, Globalizations, 6 pages, 2019.

This article introduces a new global initiative, attempting to weave together the various movements for alternatives to mainstream development and its roots in structures of oppression and unsustainability. Such an initiative is crucially linked to ICCAs, both because such territories of life contribute to the practice and discourse of alternative ways of governing and managing human life in peace with the earth, and because other initiatives at political, economic, social, and cultural transformation can feed into strengthening ICCAs and making them more holistic spaces of transformation. On this topic, you can read Ashish Kothari’s article “Can Territories of Life be Cradles of Radical Transformation?”, that we published in April. The ICCA Consortium is one of the endorsing networks of this global initiative.

Globally there is a visible counter-trend to the destructive process of ‘development’ that the forces of capitalism, statism, patriarchy have imposed. Though still marginal and not yet able to make significant macro-level transformations, the resistance is growing. As is, often emerging from such resistance, there is a re-assertion of ways of life that respect nature (including humans), co-existence, and justice. Such radical alternatives can be from ancient cultures, or be very new, but all have a core of ethical values that put life at the centre. One crucial barrier to these becoming a force for macro-level change is that they remain scattered, only sporadically learning
from each other and becoming a greater critical mass. With this background, a Global Tapestry of Alternatives has been initiated in mid-2019, a kind of confluence of ideas and practices towards further collaboration and visioning. The idea has emerged from the Vikalp Sangam (Alternatives Confluence) process running since 2014 in India.

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Ashish Khotari is a representative of Kalpavriksh, ICCA Consortium Member, and is also part of the Council of Elders of the ICCA Consortium.