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Newsflash #32 – August/September 2020

ICCA Consortium Life

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our month-long series of anniversary events from 13 July to 13 August, which brought our membership together for beautiful moments of reflection, commemoration, visioning and celebration. Not only were these events a powerful recollection of how far the ICCA Consortium has come, but they also turned over the fertile ground nurtured by our founders and elders and planted seeds for the next ten years of the movement for territories of life. Read more ▸
On 13th July 2020, the ICCA Consortium celebrated its 10-year anniversary. This video shows the people and different global processes involved in the ICCA movement that gave way to the creation of the Consortium. Read more ▸
Coron Island, Philippines
The ICCA Consortium is launching a new initiative on territories of life and community fisheries in freshwater, coastal and marine systems. Building on our Members’ many years of existing experience, it will support community-centric activities at the local, national, regional and global levels in line with our mission and strategic approach. Read more ▸

Youth Voices

In northwestern Mexico, the Comcaac Indigenous people have cared for their territory for millennia. Leonel Hoeffer, Honorary member and member of the ICCA Consortium's Youth Group, tells how the Comcaac youth are involved in and leading activities for the conservation of their territory and culture. Read more ▸
To celebrate the "Month of the Territories of Life" and the commemoration of 10 years of the ICCA Consortium, Mupan, Rellac-Jovem and the ICCA Consortium organized a series of webinars on issues related to ICCAs--territories of life in Brazil. Read more ▸

Local and National - ICCA Consortium News, Events and Initiatives

The oil company Geopark withdrew from Wampis and Achuar territories in Peru after a successful international campaign. However, despite both Indigenous Nations rejecting oil exploitation, other actors are seeking approvals to pursue it. The Autonomous Territorial Government of the Wampis Nation, ICCA Consortium Member, reports on the latest developments. Read more ▸
Sengwer walk out of meeting with UNDP and County Commissioner (via FPP)
The ICCA Consortium joins more than 150 other organizations condemning the Kenyan government’s forced eviction of Ogiek and Sengwer families from their homes and ancestral lands in the name of conservation. Read more ▸
AMAF-Benin (ICCA Consortium Member) organised several community dialogue and peer review workshops, during which the custodians of the Bamezoun, Orozoun and Têdozoun ICCAs agreed to submit them to the global ICCA Registry and the World Database on Protected Areas. Read more ▸

Regional and International - ICCA Consortium News, Events and Initiatives

A workshop on ICCAs in Burkina Faso and Benin brought together many Consortium actors from both countries, as well as supporters, partners and resource persons. It was an opportunity to raise the visibility of ICCAs, discuss community governance dynamics, identify threats and possible solutions and formulate recommendations to states, NGOs and communities. Read more ▸
CICADA, ICCA Consortium Member, launched the first four policy briefs of its series on biocultural diversity in settler state contexts. They identify challenges, explore opportunities, and provide recommendations on: biocultural indicators and the nexus of nature, culture, and well-being; livelihoods, food sovereignty, health, and well-being; information and communications technologies; and territorial defense in extractive contexts. Read more ▸

ICCA Consortium Publications and Resources

On International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, Natural Justice (ICCA Consortium Member) launched the third edition of the Living Convention. The Living Convention is a response to this important and often-asked question: “What are the rights of Indigenous peoples, local communities, peasants and their organisations at the international level?” It provides a foundation to ensure people are in a stronger position to understand the law, shape the law and use the law. Read more ▸

    Other News and Resources from Our Membership

    ICCA Consortium Member Forest Peoples Programme released a new publication with three different case studies that show how Indigenous peoples have developed protocols for decision-making and territorial governance in Latin America (the Wampis, ICCA Consortium Member, the Juruna and the Embera Chami). Read more ▸
    This special issue is a great opportunity to present case studies, research findings and various syntheses about inclusivity, with a special focus on the conservation practices and related innovations of local communities and Indigenous peoples. Marc Foggin, guest editor of this issue and Director of ICCA Consortium Member Plateau Perspectives, explains the submission modalities. Read more ▸

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