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Integrating human rights into the post-2020 global biodiversity framework

First published on 04/26/2021, and last updated on 09/22/2023

As part of a diverse group promoting human rights within the post-2020 framework, the ICCA Consortium contributed to a discussion paper that sets out clear options for negotiators

By Ameyali Ramos Castillo, ICCA Consortium International Policy Coordinator

Parties to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) are currently negotiating the text of the post-2020 global biodiversity framework, which is expected to be adopted at the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP15). The ICCA Consortium and its Members and Honorary members are actively participating in the process, promoting the central importance of Indigenous peoples’ and local communities’ rights and responsibilities to their collective lands and territories of life and also seeking to monitor, halt and remedy human rights injustices in specific industries and sectors, including conservation.

As part of this process, the ICCA Consortium worked with a group of other participants from the Thematic Workshop on Human Rights in the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (held in February 2020) to develop a discussion paper to support the integration of human rights into the post-2020 framework. This document recognises the growing consensus on the need to place human rights in general and specifically the rights of Indigenous peoples and local communities at the heart of the post-2020 framework and all efforts to address the current climate and nature crises. The interconnection between human rights and nature and the understanding that recognising and realising human rights are part of the solution to loss of nature is the reason for this discussion document.

DOWNLOAD THE DISCUSSION PAPER: “Human Rights in the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework: Options for integrating a human-rights based approach to achieve the objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity (PDF file)

This discussion paper does not attempt to coalesce around single text-based proposals for Targets or Indicators in the draft framework. Instead, it seeks to present the many ways in which current text under negotiation could be enriched and improved through the integration of human rights concerns.

The compilation was prepared by a group of participants from the Thematic Workshop on Human Rights in the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework, including from the ICCA Consortium’s Secretariat, ICCA Consortium Members Forest Peoples Programme and Natural Justice, and Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact, CBD Alliance, Global Youth Biodiversity Network, Fundación Ambiente y Recursos Naturales, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, SwedBio at Stockholm Resilience Centre, Tebtebba Foundation, WWF Indonesia, the CBD Women’s Caucus and Women4Biodiversity.



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