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Nominations opened for the new President of the Consortium

The Executive Committee of the ICCA Consortium is inviting nomination for President after the sudden loss in July 2018 of our beloved President Dr. M. Taghi Farvar.  Elections will take place at the General Assembly (expected November 2018, Ethiopia) and – in the meantime – our Elder Dave De Vera has generously agreed to act as Interim President.

Earlier in 2018, Taghi and Grazia — who were to step down as President and Global Coordinator at end of 2019– had promoted the establishment of a Search Committee to prepare the 2019 leadership transition.  As fate decided, Taghi now needs to be replaced one year earlier than expected and we are all grateful to the members of the Search Committee –– and especially to Ghanimat Azhdari and Fred Nelson who have kindly agreed to act as committee co-chairs  — for the work they are already engaged to do.  Besides the Co-chairs, the Committee includes Maurizio Farhan Ferrari, Tina Rai, Terence Hay-Edie, Trevor Sandwith and Grazia Borrini-Feyerabend.

The Search Committee and Executive Committee have now agreed on Terms of Reference for the President—which can be downloaded here in English, in Spanish and in French.

Please pay particular attention to the procedure of nomination and to the fact that the Members who submit a nomination must be “in good standing”.

Nominations received for new President:

Other nominations for the ICCA Consortium Council:


If you have any question, kindly refer to the ToRs and to the Search Committee, which can be reached via the Programme Manager, Sarah Ryder, who supports it from the Consortium Secretariat.