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Towards a ‘manifesto for territories of life’

Join us as we embark on a collective process to reflect on and articulate the ICCA Consortium’s core meaning and reason for being

As the ICCA Consortium is growing and evolving, our Council, Council of Elders and Secretariat have discussed the idea of developing a ‘Manifesto for Territories of Life’—i.e., an inspiring statement (in words or more) that concisely articulates the core meaning and reason for being of our association. This would be important not only for ourselves but also for others approaching us or whom we are approaching from ‘the rest of the world’.

A manifesto is a political statement, but also reveals our shared cultural and spiritual values, “what we stand for”, and what we’re asking ourselves and others to do. It ought to be succinct but consider both territories of life and the ICCA Consortium. As a dynamic and ‘living’ document, it might be revisited every few years to ensure it remains relevant and timely within changing global contexts while retaining the core of our institutional memory, roots and values.

The process to develop the manifesto will be broad and inclusive, especially of Indigenous Peoples and local communities who are custodians of territories of life. We welcome and encourage diverse paths, sources and forms of inputs, including country- or region-specific declarations, Indigenous Peoples’ statements, cultural expressions, personal reflections and more. These will be discussed and shared in several places and moments over the coming months, including national and regional assemblies, the global General Assembly, online group discussions, and the Consortium website and membership list. This process will dovetail with other closely related organisational processes, including reflection on our first 10-12 years, the development of a new long-term vision, strategic directions and action plans, and possible new or revised organisational structures and approaches. It will be undertaken alongside and in support of the ongoing work of the association and self-strengthening processes of custodians of territories of life.

Short video on the ICCA Consortium’s history, produced as part of the association’s 10-year anniversary celebrations from July-August 2020. (Activate the subtitles for English, Spanish and French.)

Personal reflection exercise: The process to develop the manifesto will be introduced  during the 18th General Assembly in April 2022. On Day 3 of the Assembly (27 April), participants will be  asked to visit this webpage and download this guidance  for a short personal reflection exercise to be undertaken by all who care about territories of life and the ICCA Consortium. This simple exercise should only take about 10-15 minutes and all responses received will feed into the development of the draft Manifesto. After downloading the exercise , share your contributions anonymously through this online form: or by email to Alison Powell.

Next steps: Responses will be compiled and shared here after the General Assembly. In mid-May, the ICCA Consortium membership will gather online for broad discussions of the results by then. A draft of the Manifesto will then be compiled and shared with the full Consortium membership for further inputs, discussion sessions and finalisation by August or September 2022, after most of the currently planned regional assemblies and major events will have taken place.

Thank you very much in advance for your input to this important exercise!