Informe de Políticas no. 7 del Consorcio TICCA – Significados y más…

En 2018, el Consejo del Consorcio TICCA decidió desarrollar un lexicón de conceptos y términos significativos que se usan con frecuencia en el trabajo, las políticas y las relaciones con sus Miembros y socios. Muchos de nosotros sentián que era necesario desarrollar este compendio de referencia ya que el Consorcio había destacado y adoptado nuevas formas de referirse a fenómenos que, históricamente, no habían sido analizados conceptualmente. El primero entre estos fenómenos es precisamente el concepto de TICCA—territorio de vida, que está en el corazón del trabajo del Consorcio. Read more ▸

Webinar: What Do OECMs Mean for Territories of Life?

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In the second webinar organised by ICCA Consortium Member NTFP-EP to build shared capacity and understanding of ICCAs—territories of life in Southeast Asia, Harry Jonas presented ‘other effective area-based conservation measures’ and the challenges and opportunities this new framework for Indigenous peoples and local communities represents.  Read more ▸

Global Report Identifies Land, Environmental and Indigenous Peoples’ Rights as Most Dangerous Sector for Human Rights Defenders

With growing global concern over our climate and ecological crises, those who defend Mother Earth should be gaining better protection – but instead, they are being targeted. According to Front Line Defenders’ annual global analysis, the fight for land, environmental and indigenous peoples’ rights was the most dangerous sector for defenders, comprising 40% of the human rights defenders killed in 2019.  Read more ▸

The Geneva Declaration – Companies Must Commit to Zero Tolerance Against Killing and Violence in Supply Chains

Representatives from indigenous peoples, afro-descendant, and peasant communities from 16 countries issued the Geneva Declaration, an urgent call for action that demands governments and companies end the violence, killing, and deliberate criminalisation of people defending their rights, their lands and their communities. Forest Peoples Programme (ICCA Consortium Member) participated in this process.  Read more ▸

Earth Vikalp Sangam: Proposal for a Global Tapestry of Alternatives

“Globally, there is a visible counter-trend to the destructive process of ‘development’ that the forces of capitalism, statism, and patriarchy have imposed”. In this article, Ashish Kothari (Member of the ICCA Consortium Council of Elders) introduces a new global initiative, attempting to weave together the various movements seeking alternatives to mainstream development.  Read more ▸

ICCA Consortium Policy Brief no 7 – Meanings and More…

In 2018, the Council of the ICCA Consortium decided to develop a lexicon of meaningful concepts and terms frequently used in its work, policies, and communications with its Members and Partners. Many of us felt that such a reference compendium would be particularly useful because the Consortium has highlighted and adopted new ways of referring to phenomena which had not been heretofore conceptually analysed. First among them are the very ICCAs—territories of life that are at the heart of the Consortium’s work…  Read more ▸

ICCA Consortium Policy Brief no 6 – Nourishing Life -Territories of Life & Food Sovereignty

The ICCA Consortium is delighted to release its new Policy Brief, which highlights and documents the profound significance of ICCAs—territories of life- and their contributions to the food sovereignty of the peoples and the communities themselves. This is a call for movements that foster food sovereignty and movements strengthening territories of life to exchange knowledge and support each other!  Read more ▸

Manual de Protección a Defensores Indígenas de los Derechos Colectivos sobre sus Tierras, Territorios y Medio Ambiente

La Federación por la Autodeterminación de los Pueblos Indígenas (FAPI), Miembro del Consorcio TICCA, publicó este manual de protección dirigido a los pueblos indígenas que defienden sus tierras, territorios y el medio ambiente. En el contexto de la movilización global contra la criminalización de las y los defensores, nos parece importante compartir este valioso recurso. Read more ▸

New Report: The Challenge of Protecting Community Land Rights

Between 2009 and 2015, Namati (ICCA Consortium Member) and its partners supported more than 100 communities to document and protect their customary land rights. In late 2017, Namati evaluated the impacts of its work on the communities’ responses to outsiders seeking community lands and resources. Realized by Rachael Knight, Honorary member of the ICCA Consortium, this report describes the outcomes of this evaluation and aims to shed light on how to strengthen global efforts to protect community land rights.  Read more ▸

Are Small-Scale Fishers In or Out of the Blue Economy?

In this article, Vivienne Solis Rivera, ICCA Consortium Council Member, explains that, despite representing 108 million people who catch, process, and trade small-scale fishery products, the livelihoods of small-scale fishers — and the food and nutrition they provide –are being overlooked in Blue economy and Blue growth dialogues. Read more ▸