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The mobile version of the self-strengthening guidance is now available in Mandarin, Spanish and French

We plan to launch Portuguese, Swahili, Russian, and Hindi translations of the self-strengthening guidance later in 2023

Photo: Jacob-Balzani-Lööv

First published on 02/10/2023, and last updated on 02/27/2023

By the ICCA Consortium’s international Linguistic Support Team.

The ICCA Consortium’s international Linguistic Support Team is pleased to announce that the self-strengthening guidance is now available in Mandarin, Spanish and French. After a long process of translation, editing, design, and uploading, these tools are now available for the various self-strengthening processes where Mandarin, Spanish and French are working languages, from a phone or tablet (or any electronic device with an internet connection).

The publication of the guide in Mandarin, Spanish and French would not have been possible without the hard and passionate work of:

  • Yingyi Zhang, Regional Representative for East and North Asia in the ICCA Consortium’s Council and the entire team of volunteers who worked on the Mandarin version with the Shenzhen Qulan Public Welfare Foundation: Wei Yiran, Wang Junyan, Hu Junhan, He Qijing, Gao Shenghan, Li Juefei, Li Xueyang, Ge Luyuan, Liu Yuxiao, Wang Yuxi, Yan Yiru, Ren Qingji, Wang Yishan, Zhang Jing, Hu Junhan, Gao Shenghan, Chen Nan.
  • Daniela Campos Rubio, Linguistic Support Coordinator for Spanish, Camila Miranda Reyes, Linguistic Support Assistant, as well as the volunteers who participated in the translation and edition work: Josefina Boris, Diana Georgiades, Raúl Ho, Pablo Maturana Fuentes and Ignacio Zuleta for the Spanish version. Additionally, we would like to thank Leonardo Álvarez Acevedo, Pilar Caamaño, Violeta Gallardo Aranguren and Manuel May Castillo for their contributions to translating the Toolbox into Spanish.
  • Rachel Babin, former Linguistic Support Assistant, Gaëlle Le Gauyer, Linguistic Support Coordinator for French at the time, as well as the volunteers who participated in the translation: Océane Biabany, Solène Chatelain, Mathilde Craker, Ulrich Douo, Laura Goudrias, Samir Laouadi, Orfeo Lili, Tojonirina Randrianarivelo, Jina Ratsimba Rabearisoa, Silvia Ritossa, and Claire Vittaz.
  • Jake McMurchie for designing the website.
  • Ines Hirata for the graphic design and Melissa Chávez for the uploading.

We hope that this tool will be useful for the different actors involved in community processes of self-strengthening. We are also open to your feedback, both on the text and its terminology, and on the website. If you have any suggestions, please write to Gaëlle Le Gauyer, Linguistic Support Coordinator: gaelle.l [at] iccaconsortium [dot] org.

We are also very pleased to announce that this year, with the support of the regional coordinators and in collaboration with ad hoc teams of language collaborators, we hope to launch translations into Portuguese, Swahili, Russian and Hindi. If you are interested in translating the self-strengthening guidance into additional languages and have the human and/or financial resources to do so, please write to gaelle.l [at] iccaconsortium [dot] org.