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Community Conserved Areas in India – An overview

First published on 06/02/2017, and last updated on 06/19/2017

Community Conserved Areas in India – An overview,  2009, Neema Pathak
Community Conserved Areas (CCAs) in India reflect a huge diversity of ecosystems in which they exist, institutions, rules and regulations that they adopt, the objectives that are the reason for the conservation effort or the motivations behind them. Understanding CCAs could provide solutions to a number of conservation related issues yet most CCAs remain invisible to society, are facing internal and external pressures due to globalisation, are ignored in government conservation policies, and many are on the verge of breaking down. One step in this direction is this directory. It is the world’s first country-wide compilation and analysis of CCAs. It describes a diversity of initiatives, attempting to gain a deeper understanding of conservation of biological diversity, local livelihoods, peoples’ rights and development, through around 140 case studies across 23 Indian states.

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