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Newsflash #31 – July 2020

ICCA Consortium Life

This month marks the 10th anniversary of the ICCA Consortium, officially founded on 13 July 2010. We are so grateful to be celebrating together now and we invite our membership, partners and allies to join us in commemorating this important moment for our association and territories of life!  Read more ▸
After an extensive search, Kathia Carrillo (of Peru) and Mohammad Arju (of Bangladesh) have joined the ICCA Consortium Secretariat as Communications Coordinators.  Read more ▸
We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners -- including the five Indigenous peoples and communities who are affiliated with the ICCA Consortium membership.  Read more ▸

Solidarity in the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Gobierno Territorial Autonomo de la Nación Wampis (GTANW) has taken legal action against the oil company GeoPark Peru SAC for threatening the Wampis Nation and their territory of life in the northern Peruvian Amazon. The ICCA Consortium fully supports the GTANW’s demands to the Peruvian government and GeoPark to halt all activities related to oil exploitation and leave Wampis territory immediately and permanently. Read more ▸
Our membership and allies shared their experiences with community health and wellbeing during the pandemic, underscoring the importance of self-reliance and an intercultural and respectful approach to health.  Read more ▸
We have joined more than 330 other organisations condemning the continued operation of the mining industry amidst a global pandemic, environmental rollbacks and crackdown on civil society action. Read more ▸
Nomadic pastoralists in Iran play an important role in national food security and sovereignty. Since the arrival of COVID-19, they have been deeply concerned about the impact that the pandemic is likely to have on their society and way of life. UNINOMAD, ICCA Consortium Member, outlined its members’ concerns and proposed solutions in a letter sent to key national authorities on 10 March 2020.  Read more ▸
In the current context of State inaction and corruption, the challenges introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic have hit Indigenous communities in Guatemala especially hard. ICCA Consortium Council Member Felipe Gómez describes this multi-faceted crisis, along with the hopes and strategies of Indigenous communities: solidarity, spirituality, and community organization.  Read more ▸
In Malaysia, Consortium Member PACOS Trust is supporting isolated Indigenous communities as they face the COVID-19 crisis. Anne Lasimbang tells us which strategies they have employed to date, and how they plan to move forward during the recovery phase.  Read more ▸

Youth Voices

Youth for Territories of Life, the Youth Group of the ICCA Consortium, held its first global gathering online and in three languages! The meeting was an opportunity to define strategic lines of action for the group, along with concrete steps for moving forward.  Read more ▸

Local and National - ICCA Consortium News, Events and Initiatives

Ajq’ij Domingo Choc Che was a husband and father, a community member who worked to help others, and an expert in the knowledge of herbs and medicinal plants and their ancestral uses. In the strongest terms possible, the ICCA Consortium joins Mayan and Guatemalan organisations in condemning Tat Domingo’s assassination and demanding swift action for justice, healing and peace.  Read more ▸
In Democratic Republic of the Congo, the National Assembly deemed the proposed "Organic Bill on fundamental principles relating to the protection and promotion of Indigenous peoples’ rights" admissible. This tremendous step forward is the result of a decade of advocacy work by the Indigenous movement in Congo, and could led to the recognition of Indigenous Pygmy peoples as well as their territories and ancestral knowledge.  Read more ▸
“En comunidad decidimos” es la estrategia de trabajo y la metodología diseñada participativamente por nuestro Miembro ALDEA, para llevar adelante el proceso de consulta interna y el consentimiento comunitario para el registro de los territorios de vida en la base mundial de TICCA - territorios de vida hospedada por el UNEP-WCMC en Ecuador.  Read more ▸

Regional and International - ICCA Consortium News, Events and Initiatives

Members, Honorary members, and partners from across Southeast Asia took to cyberspace for the 2nd Southeast Asia Regional Assembly from 1-4 June 2020. The regional council members and regional representation in the ICCA Consortium’s global Council were designated and the route forward for the region was collectively decided.  Read more ▸
ICCA Consortium Members and Honorary members elevated the voices of Indigenous peoples and local communities in events on small-scale fisheries and ocean governance. Read more ▸

Other News and Resources from Our Membership

Co-authored by Joám Evans Pim, from our Member organisation Vilar Woods Commons Community, this paper describes how Frojám and Ladydown Moor ICCAs-Territories of Life are recovering their biocultural values, especially in terms of identity and positive conservation outcomes.  Read more ▸

News from Our Partners, Allies and Related Initiatives

IWGIA recently published its report 'The Indigenous World 2020'. An impressive 114 authors contributed to the report; Indigenous and non-indigenous activists and scholars from all over the world. The work surveys the main events to impact the lives of Indigenous communities in 2019. The book will stand as a go-to reference for all who wish to be informed and current on the rights of Indigenous peoples.  Read more ▸

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