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ICCA Consortium successfully holds 18th General Assembly online

The association’s 18th General Assembly had more than 225 unique participants over four days, shared multimedia reports on key areas of work and took several important decisions, including electing seven Council members

First published on 05/04/2022, and last updated on 10/06/2022

The ICCA Consortium held its 18th General Assembly online for the third year in a row. With over 225 unique participants from 104 Member organisations and 66 countries and simultaneous interpretation in English, Spanish and French, the annual Assembly proved once again to be an important gathering point for diverse communities to come together to learn more about the association, have open discussions and take decisions by consensus as the highest governing body. 

This year, five members of the Council were elected by consensus for their second terms: Colin Scott (Treasurer), Aman Singh (Chair of the Membership Committee), Pooven Moodley (thematic representative for defending territories of life), Alifereti Tawake (regional representative for East Austronesia and the Pacific islands), and Yingyi Zhang (regional representative for East and North Asia). Two new Council members were elected by consensus for their first terms: Malika Virdi (regional representative for South Asia) and Victor Boton (regional representative for the Sahel, North Africa and Horn of Africa). We are excited to have Malika and Victor join the Council and share their wisdom and experiences from living in and among the Himalayas and the Sahel, respectively.

Other key outcomes of the 18th General Assembly included:

  • A dynamic peer learning and exchange session on the regionalisation process;
  • First steps towards a manifesto for territories of life;
  • Noting the 2021 reports of the President, Secretariat, Council, Treasurer and Auditor of Accounts, and approving the 2022 Action Plan and budget; and 
  • Appointing Marc Foggin as the Auditor of Accounts and Ombudsperson for the coming year.

We are proud to share our Member spotlights:

The minutes of the 18th General Assembly are available here in English. Please visit the French and Spanish webpages for those versions of the minutes.