Slow Fish 2019 to take place in May

From May 9 to 12, “Slow Fish- The Sea: a Common Good” will take place, in Genoa, Italy. Read about the reasons for this theme which reflects the discussions that took place recently among the European Members of the ICCA Consortium. Read more ▸

Evenki Cultural Atlas Released Online

Snowchange, an ICCA Consortium Member in the Circumpolar North, supported the release of the online Evenki Cultural Atlas. Reindeer herding is more than a way of life for the Evenki of Siberia, it is the root of their culture… Read more ▸

Community, Culture and Conservation, in Myanmar

WWF Myanmar takes us through a visual journey among the ICCAs in the country. Kayin people, some Chin, Kachin, Naga and other Dawei people travelled from all over the region and country for an important workshop that marked the beginning of a new era in community-based conservation for Myanmar.  Read more ▸

Emma Lee, Trawlwulwuy woman, Aboriginal Tasmanian, wins University Award

Emma Lee, ICCA Consortium Honorary Member, is the first Indigenous person to win the prestigious Foundation Graduate Award, from the University of Tasmania.  She is a key architect, together with other Aboriginal Tasmanian leaders, of a 2016 whole-of-government strategy to improve conditions in the relationships between Indigenous and other Tasmanians.   Read more ▸

Launch of the Water Is Life Toolkit

On World Water Day 2019, the YLNM Network, The Gaia Foundation (ICCA Consortium Member) and France Libertés launched a new, online Water is Life Toolkit to support frontline communities protecting water from unwanted mining. Read more ▸

Tejiendo lazos desde la nación Wampís

En un histórico encuentro, realizado en febrero en el territorio Wampís, once delegados de los Pueblos amazónicos Shuar Arutam, Achuar, pueblo kichwa Sarayaku, Shuar y Sapara, CONFENIAE y numerosos miembros del Consorcio TICCA intercambiaron sobre los 20 años de reflexión, consultas internas y consenso que llevaron a la Nación Wampís a autoproclamarse como Gobierno Territorial Autónomo.  Read more ▸

A minha Casa/My home

This short video, made by many hands and minds in Brazil, presents the voices of leaders of indigenous populations, quilombolas, fishermen, and terreiro peoples, with their unique perceptions about issues such as belonging, knowledge, and the sacred. Read more ▸

Taganga: la historia de una lucha por el territorio

El pueblo ancestral pescador de Taganga, en la costa Colombiana, vi su modo de vida derretirse por la implantación del Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona y la alta contaminación de sus aguas por la empresa Terlica. Esta lucha entre David y Goliat se está organizando.  Read more ▸

Spotlight on the Gajna Grassland !

The Ganja wetland, is fantastically rich in biodiversity, with over 250 species of plants and 100 different bird species. Although this environment faces challenges, its Council of stakeholders deals effectively with nature conservation as well as socio-economic development. Their experience is one to highlight on World Wetland’s Day (February 2nd)! Read more ▸

Nominations open for Equator Prize 2019

The Equator Prize shines a spotlight on outstanding community efforts across the tropics that exemplify sustainable development through the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. Submit nominations by 26 February 2019! Read more ▸

The ICCA Consortium stands with the Wet’suwet’en

In November 2018, TransCanada tried to enter Unist’ot’en territory to begin work on their fracked gas pipeline. They were respectfully turned away but the struggle had to be intensified in response to several further attacks, both legal and physical. The ICCA Consortium is joining the international wave of solidarity. Read more ▸

Eight Shells

The voices of the women of the sea from communities of Barbados, St Kitts, Grenada, Belize and Costa Rica were heard loud and clear at a learning exchange aimed at strengthening the capacities of fisherwomen in the backdrop of the Small-Scale Fisheries Guidelines. Read more ▸

Crossing boundaries: Legal and policy arrangements for cross-border pastoralism

Jointly published by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), this publication provides recommendations to enable and secure transboundary mobility for sustainable pastoralism, an overview of several legal and policy mechanisms and several cases of successful bilateral and multilateral agreements. Read more ▸