Indigenismo y Colonias Verdes

Juan Carlos Tonko Paterito, Presidente de la Comunidad Indígena Kawésqar Residente en Puerto Edén (Chile), Miembro del Consorcio, analiza los daños producidos por las ONGs ambientalistas y las empresas transnacionales en la República de Magallanes, al sur de Chile. Read more ▸

#PowerShifts Resources: Collective Mapping

In this article, Maria Faciolince (OXFAM) gives an in-depth review of the different uses of collective mapping by civil society organizations, and provides various resources and online tools for elaborating collective mapping, including many that are directly related to ICCAs and the ICCA Consortium. Read more ▸

Great day for Lamu as Tribunal dismisses coal plant license

Kenya’s National Environmental Tribunal handed down judgment on the challenge to the Lamu coal plant license on Wednesday, 26 June 2019. A challenge brought by the communities of Lamu and Kenyan civil society organisations, including Natural Justice, an ICCA Consortium Member. Read more ▸

Indigenous Perspectives on Sacred Natural Sites

Bas Verschuuren, Honorary member of the ICCA Consortium, co-edited this volume which carries the voices, experiences and perspectives of indigenous peoples regarding the treatment of the sacred and its protection and governance in the face of threats from various forms of natural resource exploitation and development. Read more ▸

Towards Convivial Conservation

In this article, Bram Büscher (ICCA Consortium Honorary Member) and Robert Fletcher propose an alternative perspective to conservation. Named ‘convivial conservation’, this post-capitalist approach promotes radical equity, structural transformation and environmental justice. Read more ▸

A New ToolKit of Resources on Indigenous Education

The ICCA Consortium partner LifeMosaic launches its new toolkit of resources on Indigenous Education. It is for indigenous educators, indigenous school initiators, or for anyone that is interested in education that helps sustain diverse expressions of humanity. Read more ▸